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We want to make sure that you are fully aware of the information you need to know to improve your online security. Bartenders Pimp has developed and assembled tips to help protect your identity from fraudsters, spot fraudulent emails, and shield yourself from internet scams.


What is Phishing?

Phishing is when a fraudster sends you an email or link, claiming to be from a legitimate company or individual. They'll often send you to a fake website they've created, and trick you into entering your passwords and personal information, once you have entered them you're then an easy target for account theft.


Here are some simple rules that will protect you from potential identity theft:


• Face to Face Business.

Insure that the person you are in contact with is who they say they are. It is always a good idea to talk face to face if possible.

• Contracts.

Insure that both parties are committed by having a signed contract. This is especially good if you are unable to meet face to face.

With a solid contract you can agree to pay or receive payment at the event on the day, before or after service.

• References.

Always ask for references of past work, and follow through in calling past clients to get a feel of your potential bartenders work ethic.

• Personal Information.

Never give out personal or financial details online.

If you want to conduct business online use a reputable escrow service such as Pay Pal or World Pay.

• Phishing.

Bartenders Pimp will never ask for any personal details such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or passwords. We don’t need or use any of that information.

Bartenders Pimp will never ask for payment on behalf of anyone else other than Bartenders Pimp.

• Always Use Caution.

Always report suspicious activity no matter how insignificant you may think it may be.

Your internet safety is important to us, if you are unsure of a part of any process, stop what you are doing and call us direct at 1.619.800.4885

Security Tools


Here are some helpful links to keep your everyday life, free from potential fraudsters.


• Update your web browser.

Safer web browsers make it easier to spot fake web pages that try to get you to enter personal information and steal your account. Learn more about safer browsers.


• Iconix® Truemark® Email Identification.

Is an email real or fake? Iconix Truemark icons can help reduce the risk of email fraud by confirming the source of the sender. Find out more.